Rules of pool :


Rules of pool

Aim of the game

The pool is a skill game that is played shooting several balls with the tip of a cue over a rectangular table provided with a cushion and pockets.

The 8-ball pool is played with 15 colored and numbered balls: solid balls (from 1 to 7), the black ball (8) and striped balls (from 9 to 15).

The winner is the player who first pockets all his/her balls (solids or stripes) and finally the black ball, according to the rules.

Two game variations were established: “official rules” that are in accordance with the official regulations and “popular rules” that are usually played at bars and arcades.

8-ball pool, official rules

To make the game more dynamic, some of these rules differ from the ones applied in the official rules (English).

Break shot

The player who takes the break shot is chosen by chance.

  • If the shooter introduces a ball and does not make a foul, he/she will continue playing and the assignment of balls is not made (solids or stripes).
  • To consider a break shot legal, some of the following conditions must be satisfied:
    • Pocket at least one ball (except the white one).
    • Touch the cushion with at least four balls (except the white one).
  • If the 8-ball is pocketed on the break shot, it is not considered a foul. The ball is replaced in its original position and the player takes the turn again.
  • If any of the colored balls is driven off the table, it is considered a foul. Those balls will be taken out of the game, except the black ball that will be replaced in its orignal position.

Game play

After the break shot, the table is considered as open yet. That is, the group of balls was not assigned yet, solids or stripes, even if one ball was already pocketed.

The player on his/her turn will try to pocket some of the balls, except the black one. To do that, it is possible to shoot any of the balls that are over the table (including the black one) and the first ball pocketed will determine if his/her group of balls will be solids or stripes .

If a solid and a striped ball are pocketed on this shot, the first to be introduced will determine the group.

The player can continue playing when he/she pockets one of his/her balls and does not make a foul. Otherwise, he/she will pass the turn.

Note: it is possible to see the balls pocketed in one of the sides of the table.

Once a player introduces all his/her balls, he/she can introduce the eight-ball into any pocket to win the game.


If a player makes a foul, the turn is passed to another player. This one will have “ball in hand” and can place the ball in any part of the table to shoot.

A player will make a foul:

  • If he/she pockets the white ball or drives it off the table.
  • If he/she first touches the opponent’s ball or the eight-ball (unless the table is open).
  • If the white ball or the first ball of contact do not touch any of the cushions and no ball is pocketed.
  • If he/she does not touch any balls.
  • If he/she drives any balls off the table.

If you pocket any of the opponent’s balls and the previous rules are all fulfilled, it will be not a foul.

A player will lose the game if he/she:

  • Pockets the eight-ball before pocketing all the balls of his/her group.
  • Drives the 8-ball off the table.
  • Pockets the 8-ball making a foul.
  • Pockets the 8-ball on the same shot as the last ball of his/her group.

8-ball pool, popular rules

There are several rules that differ from the official rules in this variation.

Break shot

The only difference is that if any balls , except the black and the white ones, are pocketed on this shot, the group of balls is assigned (solids or stripes).

If balls of both groups are pocketed:

  • The group with the highest number of balls pocketed will be assigned.
  • If the same number of balls of both groups are pocketed, the one that was first introduced will be considered.

Game play

The game course is very similar to the official rules, apart from some exceptions:

If the table is still open after the break shot, and one ball of each group is pocketed, the group will be assigned considering the first ball introduced. But it will be considered a foul because an opponent’s ball was pocketed.

To win the game it is necessary to introduce the eight-ball in the opposite pocket to the one in which the last of your balls was introduced. If the opponent has that pocket already assigned, the pocket in front will be assigned.


When a foul is made, the player misses the turn; the white ball is kept in its position (there is no “ball in hand”) and the opponent has 2 turns to shoot (unless he/she also makes a foul). Fouls are considered in the following cases:

  • If he/she pockets the white ball or drives it off the table.
    • The opponent can place the white ball in any positions behind the headline. On the 1st shot, the player can only shoot one ball after the white ball passed the middle of the table. On the other hand, he/she will make a foul and miss the 2nd shot.
  • If he/she first touches the opponent’s ball or the eight-ball (unless the table is open).
  • If an opponent´s ball is pocketed, except on the break shot.
  • If he/she does not touch any balls.
  • If he/she drives any balls off the table.

Differently from the official rules, it is not necessary to touch a cushion after the contact.

Game controls

  • To move the cue, click on any parts of the screen and drag the mouse along any directions.
  • To shoot, keep the Space bar pressed to set the power.
  • To adjust the throwing angle, hold down the Shift ⇧ key while clicking and dragging the mouse upwards of downwards.
  • To set the point of contact with the white ball, press the key Control and click on the part where you want to shoot.
  • To bring the camera closer to the ball or move it away, press the keys Page up and Page down
  • You can alternate between regular view and panoramic view pressing the key 1.

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